25W Linear Regulated Power Supply

kr 1.503,63kr 1.827,96 inkl. mva.


Linear regulated power supply for any noise sensetive device.Here is a regulated and stable linear power supply for any high quality DIY audiophile project. All the necessary technical refinements are incorporated into this dedicated audio power supply.

It includes a Hexfet IRF controller of series 34Z driven by low-noise OP Analog-Device and not an integrated circuit. The incorporated EMI RFI filtering ensures a very low noise (ripple) of electrical pollution (- of 30mv).

The components of this power supply are of first quality with 718 resistors and 4 capacitors of filtering 2700uf . The benefits of a linear quality feed are better readability of the acute medium and a much better cut out.
This regulated linear power solution developed by our team comes to compete with more expensive solutions.
Equipped with a 100% Aluminum case, two DC 5.5 / 2.1mm output jacks, this power supply with an extremely stable 25VA transformer even under heavy load will allow you to make the best of audio connected.
As this power supply do not have over current protection, the load should not exceed it’s capacity.


1. Input voltage: AC230V 
There are 2 different transformers, please choose according to your needs.(Bingzi or Talema)
2. Output voltage:  DC5V/3.5A  OR DC9V/2.5A  OR  DC12V/1.8A  OR  DC15V/1.5A   OR DC24V/0.8A
If you need other output voltage, please contact us.
3. Voltage accuracy: ± 5% (no load)
4. Polarity: inside ‘ + ‘ , outside ‘ – ‘
5. Plug styles: 5.5 * 2.1mm


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