Utgangs transformator 10W audio

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The import of Z11 silicon steel sheet 6p3p, el84el34 single ended output cattle professional custom toroidal transformer
Temperature insulation package, special-purpose chip) (0.35EI high wide fever gallbladder machine with the new concepts of elaborate design, bold machine enthusiasts to create a high quality and inexpensive products, the core is non oriented silicon cold rolled and annealed audio line is made of high quality oxygen free copper enameled wire, each layer of pure wood pulp paper insulated, output beef production and are not afraid of red, the clip 2 or 5 clip method 4, hierarchical segmentation, group pad of paper, meticulous, carefully wound, 24 hours dipping paint, high temperature baking, so that the transformer has good insulation and moisture-proof performance, sound, transparent, sound sweet alcohol, solution is excellent, the appearance is beautiful and generous. For wide bold Shaoyou preferred.

Transformer parameters and performance are as follows:
Power: 8-10W (20Hz)
Frequency response: 20Hz-40KHz, -3dB
Secondary: 0-8, or 0-4-8
Core size: EI66 35mm,
Size: 68MM+ long two screws 30MM width: 65MM 60MM
Material: Japan imported Z11 film
Primary copper resistance: 408 (B-P),
Inductance: 25H
Primary maximum permissible DC: 100mA

6P14 (el34, el84,6p3p)


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